Ferrari Luggage Rack

We manufacture a unique Ferrari Luggage Rack alternative the boot-bag, we call a trunk a boot in England. We are based in the UK but ship to the USA daily. 

Boot-bag is a waterproof luggage bag that simply straps to the trunk lid of your Z4 E85 or E89 adding either 1.75 or 2.65 cubic feet of waterproof luggage space. The bag simply straps around your BMW's trunk. It sits on a soft non slip mat to protect paintwork. The straps stay in place once the bag is fitted and won't rub the trunk edge. 

We also make the innovative revo-rack for please scroll down to see the range.


boot-bag Luggage Rack for Ferrari

    • Fully Waterproof & No risk of any paintwork damage

    • Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint or trunk lid edge.

    • Sits on a soft non slip mat to protect trunk lid

    • Hand made in Buckinghamshire UK since 2008 - 000's sold globally = tried & tested design.

    • Folds flat for easy storage, can be removed in minutes and stored inside if you stop on route.

    • Saves Money ; half the price of a rack and waterproof holdall/suitcase

    • If you purchase a traditional rack you still need waterproof luggage...


Read a review of boot-bag Luggage Rack by the Delaware Valley Miata Club here.


We make two models of boot-bag Luggage Rack :

Boot-bag Original 28"x15"x8" adding 1.75 cubic feet of extra luggage space $119 & $38 shipping.

Boot-bag Vacation 36"x16x8" adding 2.65 of extra luggage space $145 & $38 shipping. 










Revo Rack Ferrari Luggage Rack $280 & $300

Ultra lightweight magnesium and aluminium frame weights only 3.6lb's

Powder coated black

1" tube

Held securely to Trunk lid by 3 4.5" vacuum cups

No metal touches paint

Fitted in 30 seconds

45 lb load carrying capacity.

The Rack Frame :

This luggage rack is manufactured from 25mm/ 1" T5 tubing this is an aluminium and magnesium alloy. As a result the rack frame weighs only 1.672kg / 3.6lb perfect for todays aluminium and composite boot/trunk lids. The cross bars are machine welded in place to ensure consistency, the rack is powder coated black. The rack measures 900x420mm/36"x17"


The Vacuum Cup Supports :

The rack is secured to your Ferrari's boot/trunk lid using three 115mm vacuum cups, rated as capable of holding an 18kg/40lb load each, technically the rack can hold 54kg. If your Ferrari has a curvy trun lid we suggest the Revo Rack Ultra model with multi directional supports allowing the vacuum cups to curve to the shape of the trunk lid. ( shown on the Elise )

The vacuum cup technology that Revo-Rack uses has existed for over 40 years it was developed in the film industry in the late 1960's to hold film camera's to cars, and is still in use today. 

Vacuum cups employ the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface: When a vacuum exists between the cup and the surface on which it is attached, the weight of Earth's atmosphere holds the cup in place with incredible force. These are not suction cups that produce a vacuum as they pull away from the surface, Revo-Racks vacuum cups use a hand-actuated pump to efficiently remove air from between the rubber pad and the attaching surface thus creating a much more reliable hold. Because the full face of the pad is brought into contact with the boot lid, distortion is reduced, allowing the cup to be used with very little risk of damage.






Ferrari California luggage rack boot-bag

Ferrari California luggage rack boot-bag original

z4 e89 vacation luggage rack

Boot-bag Vacation fitted to E89 Z4














Ferrari Luggage rack

Revo Rack luggage rack for Ferrari

Ferrai Luggage Rack

Fitted in seconds

ferrari luggage rack on lotus

Revo Rack Ultra features multi directional joints for curvy trunks

revo rack for bmw z4

Can hold a 45-50 lbs load


How the Revo-Rack Ferrari Luggage Rack works :



How the boot-bag BMW Z4 Luggage Rack works :


ferrari Luggage Rack Fitting

Lay the three straps our across your Ferrari's open trunk



Ferrari Luggage Rack Fitting Stage 2

Place the soft anti slip fabric on your Ferrari's Trunk


ferrari Luggage Rack Fitting stage 3

Attach the ends of the straps to the bag.

Boot-bag Ferrari Luggage Rack : The details

ferrari luggage rack hand made

All boot-bags are hand made by us in Buckinghamshire England since 2008. No one else makes boot-bags.

ferrari luggage rack anti slip matting

The boot-bag sits on soft non slip matting to protect paintwork its 4mm/0.16" thick and slightly bigger than the bag no metal hooks or clips to damage paint / trunk edge with this BMW Z4 luggage rack system.

bmw z4 luggage rack base

The soft base of the boot-bag has no clips or studs to damage paintwork, with the addition of the anti slip mat there is zero risk of damage, over 8 years of sales prove this.

ferrari luggage rack strap detailsThe straps attach to ladder lock fixings on the bag once pulled tight they won't work free


ferrari luggage rack zip detail
The bag has a zip on three sides, this is covered with a flap held in place with velcro so its fully waterproof.

bmw z4 luggage rack shoulder strapBoot-bag has a shoulder strap that can be attached when you reach your destination

Ferrari luggage rack strapsThe straps simply loop around your Ferrari's trunk lid.


Ferrari Luggage Rack : Purchase

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bmw z4 luggage rack

boot-bag original

Boot-bag original BMW Z4 Luggage Rack $119 











bmw z4 luggage rack

boot-bag vacation




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Boot-bag Vacation BMW Z4 Luggage rack $145