About Trunk Luggage Rack

Trunk luggage rack is part of the boot-bag group, we are a UK based company that specialises in car luggage racks. 

We started out in 2008 with the boot-bag, its a waterproof luggage bag that straps to the trunk of any sedan, coupe or convertible/cabriolet. Our idea, our manufacture and our patents. 

In 2011 we started to sell traditional auto luggage racks manufactured in the UK and we also import models from Italy.

For 2016 we have launched a revolutionary type of car luggage rack Revo Rack, this attaches using vacuum cups and fits in 30 seconds no clamps no bolts no tools. The frame is made from Aluminium and Magnesium making it perfect for modern sports cars with aluminium and composite trunk lids as it weights 1.6kg / 3.5llbs

We have always shipped globally but in 2013/14 noticed an increasing number of American customers, this site is dedicated to our American cousins. 

We are delighted to meet you.


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Antony & Liza Dixon

Founders of the boot-bag group / trunkluggagerack





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boot-bags are on all 5 continents.


The Revo-Rack attaches using vacuum cups. No tools, no clamps, No Paint Damage.


Ant & Liza Founders of boot-bag Group

The evolution of boot-bags since 2008


2008 - MK1

car boot luggage rack boot-bag

The first boot-bags 4 straps and cream matting no shoulder strap and only available in one size.



2010 - MK2

car boot luggage rack boot-bag

Now six fixing points and a shoulder strap and at last black matting. 75 Litre Vacation model added to range.



2013 - MK3

car boot luggage rack boot-bag

Still 6 fixing points and a shoulder strap, but no Velcro flap over the zip and high frequency welded patches for added waterproofing.